17 Gift Ideas for World of Warcraft Fans

World of Warcraft (WoW) is played around the world by more than 5 million players. It’s called an “MMORPG” or massively multiplayer online role playing game.

To play the game, you create your own character, customizable down it its very own hair, who must complete quests and explore the role-playing world. There is no end to the game, as new content is regularly added, and there is always something to do.

This year Blizzard release new expansion Battle for Azeroth, so now is the perfect time to buy a gift for any fans of the game.

1. World of Warcraft Car Air Freshener

The war between the Alliance and Horde can be fierce. Now you can show your allegiance with this Limited Edition WoW Air Freshener.

US $18.89 BUY NOW

2. Titanium steel bracelet

US $37.97 BUY NOW
US $37.97 BUY NOW

3. Razer 5G gaming mouse

US $99.52 BUY NOW

4. World of Warcraft canvas

US $35.00 BUY NOW

5. Monopoly: World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition

Who doesn’t love a good game of monopoly? Why not buy your WoW loving friend this great version of the game!

US $35.99 BUY NOW

6. World of Warcraft Alliance t-shirt

US $32.96 BUY NOW

7. World of Warcraft poster

US $25.65 BUY NOW

8. World of Warcraft black/gold ring

US $0.00 BUY NOW

9. Bluedio Bluetooth headphones

US $56.39 BUY NOW

10. World of Warcraft MEN’S Underwear

US $24.25 BUY NOW

11. World of Warcraft pants with Alliance symbol

US $52.29 BUY NOW

12. Winter World of Warcraft hoodie

US $82.86 BUY NOW

13. World of Warcraft poster

US $22.96 BUY NOW

14. ‘I’m A Simple Man’ t-shirt

US $32.90 BUY NOW

15. World of Warcarft Horde/Allinace Winter Hat

US $32.99 BUY NOW

16. World of Warcraft T-shirt

US $39.20 BUY NOW

17. World Of Warcraft leather bracelet

US $29.96 BUY NOW

More World of Warcraft merchandise HERE!

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